About Dr. Ajay Ashtekar

Dr. Ajay Ashtekar PhD (Alternate Medicines) is an Expert Healing Specialist, Vaastu Healing, Personal Energies, Predictions Based on Your Horoscope, Vibrational Healing, Vaastu, Astrology, Nadi Coordinate Astrologer, Pulse Diagnosis Testing, Aura Imaging, Pranic Chakra Balancing, Pune, Gujarat, India

Dr. Ajay Ashtekar - Ph.D

Dr. Ajay Ashtekar PhD (Alternate Medicines) is an expert healing specialist covering Vaastu Healing, Personal Energies, Predictions based on your horoscope and Vibrational Healing for various diseases. Dr. Ajay has extensive experience for more than a decade with several success stories for each activity, be it Vaastu, Astrology or Personal Energies.

Dr. Ajay’s resume is unique, because he has been a Scientist in the Bio-Pharmaceutical industry for more than two decades, before he started Param Shakti Healing. He has worked as the Head of the Department, for Biotechnology R&D in a well renowned pharmaceutical company for several years. He has had business interaction with overseas companies and has visited several countries.

He has a total experience of 34 years. He is M.Sc, IRPM, Ph.D. He is also a Geo-professional and a proficient Nadi Coordinate Astrologer. In addition to this, he is one of the first persons to start Pulse Diagnosis Testing in India, which gives Ayurvedic Nadi Nidan as well as data on body energy parameters.

Having a scientific bent of mind, Dr. Ajay evaluated the techniques and methods used in various disciplines like Vaastu. After in depth study he has developed common sense, practical solutions based on Vedic principles for resolving Vaastu issues or Personal problems, through Param Shakti Healing. Every case is different. Hence particular attention is given and an appropriate strategy is applied by Dr. Ajay to resolve the issues. The solutions or remedies offered by Dr. Ajay are specific to the need of the Vaastu and problem.

Dr. Ajay has had a deep interest in spirituality from his young age and has been following meditation practices for over three decades. His inherent interest in spirituality and urge for service to mankind propelled him to start healing practices. Even though Dr. Ajay has a healing touch through intuition, he wanted to start a scientific methodology of healing. He also realized that one type of approach may not be sufficient to solve complex life issues, since multitude of external as well as internal energies are at play. Towards this end, he learnt the technique of using Patented Aura Scanner from Retd. Nuclear Scientist and Inventor (President Awardee) Dr. Murthy. The Scanner is a unique instrument which can detect, measure and map various types of radiations and energies from different animate as well as inanimate objects. Thereafter, Dr. Ajay has been doing his own research on the applications using the scanner and has added newer solutions for the betterment of people.

Dr. Ajay has mastered the Nadi Coordinate Astrology - a mathematical way for predictions based on your Horoscope. The predictions are proper and guidelines or solutions given are based on scientific principles.

Dr. Ajay’s thirst for knowledge and excellence lead him to complete his PhD in Alternate Medicines. The thesis covered certain case studies, one of which was for a child suffering from Muscular Dystrophy which is a terminal illness. This disorder usually is detected in early childhood. As of date, there is no cure for this disorder in conventional medicine. The life span of the patient is very short. However, this child who has been given Vibrational Healing Therapy sessions by Dr. Ajay, has showed remarkable progress over the years. The progress was evidenced by performing the child’s medical test from time to time. For this novel work, Dr. Ajay was awarded Gold Medal in the field of Alternate Medicines.

In the field of Alternate Medicines most of the inferences on the client’s health problem are left to the experience and school of thought that the practitioner is following. There is neither a record of initial diagnosis nor evidence of improvement in body energy patterns after alternate medicines therapy is applied. As destiny would have it, Dr. Ajay came across Pulse Diagnosis System from Russia, a highly advanced scientific instrument with powerful software algorithms which gives precise data on Stress, Ayurvedic Nadi Nidan (Vata, Pitta, Kapha), Aura Imaging and Pranic Chakra performance. The data from tests performed at regular intervals gives concrete evidence of the effectiveness of the Vibrational Healing rendered by Param Shakti Healing. Dr. Ajay is one of the first persons to start Pulse Diagnosis Test as tool of Diagnosis in the field of Alternate Medicines as well as Ayurveda in India.

With strong scientific background, proper qualifications, and long experience and with an array of unique methods like Scanner, Nadi Astrology and Pulse Diagnosis, Dr. Ajay Ashtekar is better equipped than many others for healing of Body, Mind and Vaastu.