Aura Imaging Report

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Aura is the bioenergy field also called as the Electromagnetic field emitted by the body. Normally the Aura is not seen by the naked eyes. The Aura till date has only been captured by Kirlian photography. However, the photos taken by Kirlian method are related to the various colours and patterns of the Aura.

Param Shakti Healing uses a health device called as the Computerised Pulse Diagnosis System to create an image of your Aura. The Aura image is generated based on the signals from your pulse at that time of the test. The Aura Image has a direct correlation to the bioenergy level and health condition of the various organs of the body.

Image of Aura as generated by the Computerised Pulse Diagnosis System:
Note: The actual report contains the energy levels of different body organs and system.

The Computerised Pulse Diagnosis System gives precise Aura Imaging based on your pulse. This is not a photo of your Aura, but a scientific representation of your health condition in the form of the Bio-magnetic or Bio-Energy field or Aura. Param Shakti Healing also gives report on the energy levels of certain organs and systems in your body.

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