Aura Based Auspicious Gemstone Selection

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Param Shakti Healing recommends gemstones by an accurate and advanced scientific way using a patented Aura Scanner. A person’s life is under the constant influence of cosmic energy from the seven planets Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. It is also under the influence of shadowy planets Rahu and Ketu. Each of these planets emits a particular electromagnetic radiation (frequency) which is called as cosmic energy. Most of the disturbances or difficult situations in one’s life are due to the imbalance of planetary energy or their deficit.

One of the most powerful remedies to nullify or overcome the malefic effects of a planet is wearing gemstone for that particular planet. Typically, astrology pandits recommend gemstones based on your horoscope. However, one finds variations from one astrologer to another on which gemstones you are supposed to wear. Many a times this leads to confusion and people end up getting frustrated.  Our method of gemstone selection is not based on your horoscope and you need not do any Pooja or jap from any pandit or maharaj for the gemstone rings.

Param Shakti Healing recommends gemstones by an accurate and most advanced scientific way using a patented Aura Scanner. The scanner is used to determine the planetary deficits or identify the planets which are causing disturbance in your personal life. The scanner is accurate as it uses your unique Aura to find the planets which are troubling you or whose lack of energy is not giving desired results. Once the Planets are identified, the frequency of required gemstones is matched with the frequency of your Aura. This means, that we confirm that the particular gemstone is compatible with your Aura. The Aura matched gemstones neutralize malefic effects of bad planets and also boosts the energies of a planet whose energy is lacking in you.

Usually gemstones of 3 carats and above are used. However, more than the carat, what is of utmost importance is that the gemstone must match or be compatible your Aura. For example, for deficit of Sun (as shown by our scanner), Ruby is required to be worn.  But any Ruby stone is not of much use. We use the Scanner and from several gemstones of Ruby, only one Ruby gemstone that positively matches with your Aura is identified and selected. Further to this, the Scanner is also used to find which Hand, Finger and Metal are to be used for wearing the gemstone that you require. Once a person wears Aura matched or compatible gemstones in the correct hand, finger and metal, the negative effect of planetary energies are minimized or positive energies are boosted.

In our method, there is NO need for any horoscope to check your planetary requirements. Even those persons who do not have a horoscope or who do not know complete details of their birth can avail of this most amazing and advanced technique.

Many persons have been benefited by selecting and wearing the AURA compatible gemstones as done by Param Shakti Healing method.

The best part of our gemstone selection is that one need not come personally for this check up! You can get the testing done through us from wherever you are staying.  Param Shakti Healing sends your matched gemstones to you by post/ courier along with report giving details of which gemstones you need to wear in which hand, finger and metal.

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