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Param Shakti Healing has a simple and effective solution for rendering positivity and support through the Healing Cards. White colour is made up of mixture of seven rainbow colours VIBGYOR. Each colour has a specific wavelength and frequency. The human body, governed by seven pranic chakras is interlinked with these seven colours. When the pranic energy in terms of light energy is undisturbed the Pranic Chakras work optimally and person has overall wellness.

Nature abounds with myriad of geometric patterns and colours. The various types of flowers as we know have distinct colours and patterns. The ratio of the petals to the centre portion, the calyx etc., is constant within a particular species. Similarly, the proportion of our body bones like femur to leg, three parts of fingers have a geometric design and proportion. Most of the time the sizes may vary but design and proportions remain almost the same. In the same way the DNA has a double helical spiral structure. This spiral ladder like structure has a unique distance to width ratio.

The colours and geometric patterns have a deep subconscious effect on mind and our Aura. This principle is used in the Healing Cards. Different colour combinations and different designs or patterns are used.

We have several healing cards for various issues of life like, Rapid Healing requirement, Seven Chakra balancing, Intimacy, Team work, Growth in business or job, Target achievement, etc.

All the Healing Cards are tested along with your Aura using the patented Aura Scanner. Your Aura decides which cards are required by you at that point of time. These shortlisted Healing Cards match your current state of mind, emotions, and health and life situations.

Once your latest photo is pasted on the back of these Healing Cards, the geometric patterns and colours start interacting with your Aura (from your pasted photo) giving continuous positive energy and support to you.

The best part of this testing and remedies is that you need not come in person to meet us. Wherever you may be, you can get this test done from Param Shakti Healing. We send the Healing Cards required by you (as determined by the test) along with information on those particular Healing Cards.

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