Heart Rate Variability Report

The Computerised Pulse Diagnosis System used by Param Shakti Healing is based on medical principle of Heart Rate Variability as detected in your pulse at the time of checking. Changes or patterns in Heart Rate Variability are an indication of the body metabolism and body condition. When the Pulse Diagnosis Test is run, it reads the Electrocardiogram (ECG), the Cardiointervalogram as well as the Scattergram. A system generated report and graphic representation is generated by the advanced software.

This report indicates the metabolic functioning and health status of the body.

Note: Below is the representation of the images from the test. The actual report contains the details along with the graphics/ images.

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It gives direct information on the heart performance. The report covers stress indices, metabolic spectrum and overall biochemical functioning of the body. The data so produced is of value in understanding your health status in a scientific perspective. The Heart Rate Variability data may be of value to your Medical Doctor especially MD Physicians and Cardiologists.

The Heart Rate Variability report covers the following:

  • ECG
  • Scattergram
  • Cardiointervalgram
  • Histogram
  • Indicators of Temporal Analysis
  • System Generated health impressions based on various factors

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