Marriage Match

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Param Shakti Healing uses an advanced and scientific method for determining the compatibility for marriage match between two persons considering a marriage proposal. We do this vital matching test by using the patented Aura Scanner and concerned persons Aura.

Our test is not dependent on astrology or horoscopes. One need not have horoscope or date of birth for doing this test. In an astrological horoscope match there is always a doubt on the authenticity of the horoscopes or there could be inadvertent mistakes. Such incorrect horoscopes could lead to a totally wrong prediction on marriage match or compatibility. Moreover, most marriage matches through horoscopes just do a “Guna Milan” by comparing the two horoscopes. This is totally insufficient to decide on the compatibility.

The test done by Param Shakti Healing overcomes the limitations of matching by astrological methods. Our marriage match test is unique and scientific, using the Aura of concerned persons. There is no need for horoscope or birth details for doing this test.

One of the most important and perhaps the most difficult decisions in life is regarding selecting the right partner for marriage. It is everybody’s dream to have a good spouse with whom one can have a happy, satisfying life with sweet memories. However, if there is poor compatibility between the couple, this could lead to many bad situations, painful married life and even separation.

Our marriage match test shows the compatibility between the two persons. However, it does not tell anything about the nature or future of the persons concerned.

Use our unique method of Aura based Marriage Compatibility Test before deciding your life partner! We do not require the horoscopes for this. A personal visit is not mandatory. You shall get the outcome of the test on compatibility via email.

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