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Param Shakti Healing does unique testing to find out which name or spelling of your name could be most positive and beneficial for you or your proposed business. This test is done based on your Aura using a patented Aura Scanner. The energy of your name and your personal energies are deeply interlinked. However, is your Aura and your name compatible? This is the crucial question. Your name or the spelling of your name and the energy it generates has to be compatible with your personal energy for getting benefit in life. This is determined by our Aura based test.

In India, usually the name is selected based on the Horoscope. A person and his/ her name become one identity. If someone calls your name in a crowd, instantly you turn to that direction from where your name was called. You may have noted that some celebrities or renowned businessman have changed their name or the spelling of their name. In certain cases, the name used in media and the real name are different. For example, the famous cinestar Akshay Kumar’s real name is Rajiv Hari Om Bhatia. However, his media name Akshay Kumar has brought him much fame and success. In many of these cases, the fortune of these persons has changed positively after the change in their name or spelling of an existing name. This can be said to be because of the energy of the words has become compatible with the personal energy of that particular person.

However, this change in name or spelling has not worked positively for some persons. This may be because the method used for deciding the new name or spelling was based either on their horoscope or numerology or both due to lack of personal compatibility. However, Param Shakti Healing takes a different and direct approach to find out which name or spelling of your name could prove to be the most beneficial for you.

We use unique Aura based method for finding the compatibility between different possible names or spellings of your name and your personal energy. Spelling change examples are Neelesh to Nilesh; Priti to Preeti or vice-versa. We can find out which name or the spelling of your name is most suitable for you.

Param Shakti Healing's method can be of help to you for deciding on your name or the spelling of your name for gains and fame. Likewise most suitable name for your proposed business or logo for company can be decided by our unique method.

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