Param Shakti Healing uses the interdisciplinary sciences involved in Vaastu Shastra for dealing with Vaastu issues.  We take into consideration the positive forces as bestowed by nature, the universal elemental vibrations and various energy fields for overall wellness comprising of good health, harmonious relations, enhanced wealth and a positive outlook of life. Param Shakti Healing strives to make your Home Vaastu positive and fruitful so that all family members feel happy, have harmonious relationships and progress well in their respective professions. We personally visit your Vaastu and scientifically analyse the same in detail. We also expertise in Vaastu for various types of Commercial premises. Param Shakti Healing uses a patented Aura Scanner and scientific remedies to neutralize the Geopathic Stress. We provide the Vaastu Selection services for home or office or Gala/ Shop or plot of land or any other type of Vaastu. We do Renovation Vaastu to guide you on various points related to your proposed changes so that you may not face major Vaastu issues after the renovation is done. Param Shakti Healing gives expert advice on Interior designing based on Vaastu principles. We do Vaastu consultancy for new under construction sites or Vaastu which is at a design layout stage. Param Shakti Healing does Vaastu for enhancing your Career. We have remedies intended to neutralize the negative radiations and correct the Vaastu defects for taking care of your health.  We also offer our Vaastu Consultancy services by email.

Param Shakti Healing uses a mathematical and universal approach of Nadi Coordinate Astrology as the basis for horoscope analysis and predictions. Our astrology services for Career shall be a great help to you for finding reasonable solution and direction for your career related problems whether it’s a job, business or profession. We provide predictions and remedies for correcting planetary and other negative energies responsible for hindrances in Education or boosting performance in studies at schooling, college, post graduation and overseas education.  Astrology services and solutions for Finance by Param Shakti Healing have helped several clients and families to come out from different financial crisis and situations. Param Shakti Healing Health and Medical Astrology covers aspects which may prove to be useful to you for alerting on possible upcoming health problems, type of serious disease that you may possibly face in the future and the right time for undergoing major surgery. Param Shakti Healing has expertise in focussing on a crucial topic of Marriage. We have appropriate solutions and remedies for delayed marriage, broken relation, divorce, remarriage after divorce and childless couples. We offer astrology services that may enhance the chances of buying or selling your Property. You can meet in person for a one-to-one astrological consultation or use online or email consultancy services.

Param Shakti Healing recommends gemstones by an accurate and most advanced scientific way using a patented Aura Scanner. Our method of gemstone selection is not based on your horoscope. Subtle energies are generated by your DNA and emitted as Aura (also called as bio-energy or electromagnetic energy field) of the body. The Aura scanner reads your Aura and finds which planetary energies are causing problem in your life. Param Shakti Healing improves your career, relations and health by enhancing your Aura. We perform simple and accurate check by the Aura Scanner and provide remedies and consultation to regularize and balance the functioning of the disturbed Pranic Chakras in your body for improved health. We have simple and effective solution for rendering positivity and support through our Healing Cards which are checked by the Aura scanner along with your DNA (Aura). Param Shakti Healing does unique test to find out negative energies in your body and has remedies for neutralizing the same. We do Marriage Compatibility test by using the Aura Scanner and concerned persons DNA (Aura).  Our test is not dependent on astrology or your horoscope. Param Shakti Healing does on-site DNA (Aura) based test to find out whether your proposed Vaastu is compatible with your Aura energy.  We also do the DNA (Aura) based test for finding compatibility between persons for a partnership business.  We do your Aura testing to find out which name or spelling and company logo could be most positive and compatible for you or your proposed business.

Param Shakti Healing’s philosophy and methods are based on Indian Vedic Science blended with the modern technology of today. We offer solutions, healing and remedies for various health issues. Dr. Ajay is a doctorate in Alternate Medicines and also has been a Scientist in Microbiology with total experience spanning more than thirty years. Param Shakti Healing uses a unique device, the Computerised Ayurvedic Nadi Nidan – Pulse Diagnosis System for performing the Ayurvedic Nadi Nidan test and finding other bioenergy status of your body. It is one of the most advanced instruments that measure’s your Heart Rate Variability. We provide data on your health like the Stress Report, Computerised Ayurvedic Nadi Nidan (Pulse Diagnosis) Report, Aura Imaging Report, Bioenergy Chakra Report and more. Param Shakti Healing attempts to heal the root cause of a particular illness or disease through the Vibrational Healing Therapy. The strategy in general, involves removal of negative blockages, balancing of different energies and then infusing positive energy to the affected part or tissue or system. Param Shakti Healing uses the patented Aura Scanner for identifying the area or organ or part of the body which has health issue by the Body Scan test. This scan is more useful as a preventive diagnosis. By knowing which type of disease or disorder may be expected in near future, one can take appropriate care to minimize the health problem.