About Param Shakti Healing

Param Shakti Healing has been founded by Dr. Ajay Ashtekar which uses combination of different Scientific and Vedic techniques aimed at helping people to have positive inner energies as well as radiation free external environment so that the most pressing problems related to Body, Mind or Vaastu are resolved or minimized.

Param Shakti Healing gives due consideration to various aspects for a person and his or her problem. We give appropriate and balanced solutions to resolve the issues at hand. Only Astrological reading is not sufficient. Neither is just Vaastu sufficient for resolving problems. Our lives are always influenced by our inner forces – maybe astrological (planets), Pranic Chakra imbalance, Aura and external like Vaastu defects or even more difficult to treat - deep seated sub conscious blockages. Param Shakti Healing takes many such things into consideration to solve your problem and therefore there is no general solution. Every solution is different for different persons and is problem specific. As our name suggests our motto is to HEAL various types of “wounds” be it in the body, mind or Vaastu. Even though proper predictions are given by Param Shakti Healing, our aim is not to prove our predictions correct, but to give proper and sensible solutions to the immediate or futuristic problem of a client. We realize that single type of approach is insufficient, because several factors and energies are at play. Several energy patterns are hidden in different forms like the planetary configurations, Pranic Chakras, Vaastu, Geopathic Stress etc.

In our website, we have tried to avoid giving lengthy information on various topics. Our intention and focus is to give you solutions. We won’t be surprised, if you have visited other websites and read loads of information. You may have as well tried “free” horoscopes or “free” tips on Vaastu. Well, we don’t offer such things. What we offer are professional services from a well qualified, experienced and scientific person. Astrology, Vaastu or Healing are vast subjects. Trying something on your own, by reading here and there could lead to serious repercussions.

Param Shakti Healing has a long list of success stories of different sorts and in various cities. We have solved issues pertaining to marriage, divorce, depression, several health issues, finance, career, etc. Many a times we have tackled much more complex and multiple problems in family or business. One of the major difference between most other Alternate Healing therapists and Param Shakti Healing is that we perform simple but most advanced tests before deciding the healing strategy. Likewise the progress of the healing is also monitored. In other words, we focus on evidence based Alternate Healing methods using advanced instruments or devices combined with knowledge and experience.

It would interest you to note that most of our healing work is based on your DNA which is unique in the world. Patented instrument is used for checking various energies in your body and Vaastu. For health healing, we have a unique and first time India device which gives accurate and most advanced information on various parameters of your health including but not limited to Ayurvedic Nidan with Vata, Pitta and Kapha diagnosis in detail. Energy patterns are also mapped. We give an accurate image of your AURA based on your current health status. We give a unique report on the stress level that you are going through. We also perform such test that alert you in advance of a serious health issue that you may headed for. In Astrology, we use the most scientific mathematical approach of Nadi Coordinate Astrology. For Healing therapies your DNA and Aura form the base. Specific different energy applications are rendered help to heal or give relief to the patient.

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Our endeavour is to make you and your Vaastu Positive
Astrological Solutions may work 30%
Your positive Vaastu may work 30 %
Your efforts and good karma are balance 40%
We give healing therapies – HE & your INNER SELF are the healer.
There are no miracles – its science.
We can only help and assist – rest is up to you.