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Buying Own Property

Everyone desires having one’s self-owned home. Some buy commercial space or gala or land or factory premises. There are others who buy a property only as an investment.
When it comes to buying a property like home or business it is important to check the horoscope to find out if it’s a good time to purchase property.
Ajay Ashtekar’s astrological consultation has proved valuable for many, to decide on buying property. Based on the horoscope, the most beneficial periods for purchasing property are indicated. Another important factor looked into, is the sustainability for the tenure of the loan that may be taken for buying property. Time to buy may be appropriate but upcoming future can indicate trouble for repaying the loan for property. So, it is comprehensive consultation which is crucial before purchasing a property.
The planetary positions and Dasha periods play a major role in an important event like buying property. It may happen that an opportune period for buying property goes away without any initiative. Precious opportunity for buying property may thus be lost, which may not come in the near future. That’s why it is all the more important to consult Ajay Ashtekar for knowing all aspects related to buying property.
Ajay Ashtekar also suggests astrological remedies and solutions to expedite and enhance the chances for buying property.
Take valuable consultation from Ajay Ashtekar before purchasing a property!

Difficulty In Selling Property

Often Ajay Ashtekar is approached by clients who are facing delay and hurdles in selling their property. A horoscope indicates whether the “dasha” periods and planetary situations are positive for selling property. And whether it is gainful period or not.
When astrologically things are not positive, it may happen that several prospective buyers may come and see the property but deal does not materialize. This could be a very frustrating time for the seller as his/ her future planning after selling the property also get disturbed. Ajay Ashtekar’s astrological remedies and solutions have been useful for faster and better materialization of selling property.
It is also to be noted that Ajay Ashtekar’s Scientific Vaastu remedies have worked wonders along with astrological remedies for selling properties which were not getting sold for very long time.
If you are facing trouble selling your property, consult Ajay Ashtekar immediately!

Property Disputes

Are you facing property related dispute? Find out what your horoscope has to say by consulting Ajay Ashtekar.
Your horoscope shows your current and future condition related to property and related dispute. If the dispute is limited to family discussions then astrological remedies can be of help to resolve the matter amicably. However, if the dispute has gone to court and is under litigation then, the horoscope is checked for both, property as well as litigation. If horoscope indicates loss in litigation as per current planetary situation then future period is checked. The nearest positive period is informed wherein one may attempt to expedite the litigation so that result is favourable. Possibility of an out-of-court settlement in the astrologically positive period cannot be ruled out (and can be reinforced with astrological remedies).
Astrological remedies can be of help to neutralize negative planetary effects as well as make one’s outlook positive. However, it is to be noted that astrological remedies have limitations.  If “dasha” periods are strongly negative or “Shani Sadesati” prevails or if the overall horoscope is weak, then overcoming a property dispute (whether within family discussions or in court) maybe stressful and difficult with the possibility of an unfavourable outcome.
Find out what lies ahead in your property dispute and what best can be done astrologically by consulting Ajay Ashtekar!

Property Selection Based On Astro-Vaastu

Did you know that Astrological analysis is important when selecting a property or Vaastu? Ajay Ashtekar uses advanced astrological methods in addition to scientific Vaastu for selecting the most appropriate Vaastu from the options available.
Usually only Vaastu Shastra is used as a criteria to select a good Vaastu. However, Ajay Ashtekar has added one important dimension of Astrology to make the Vaastu selection more precise.
A horoscope indicates the strength of your planets. Likewise it also indicates the strength of “panchtattwa” or elements. Both these astrological criteria are used by Ajay Ashtekar for Vaastu selection.
Of course, any Vaastu which is checked for astrological compatibility is first screened and approved as per Scientific Vaastu Shastra by Ajay Ashtekar. Such a Vaastu which meets both, Vaastu rules as well as is compatible with the horoscope is most beneficial.
If you are considering buying a property, then consult Ajay Ashtekar for selecting the same!