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Param Shakti Healing gives expert advice on Interior designing based on Vaastu principles. Interior Designing is time consuming process either for home or business premises. One does interior designing, so that your home or business place looks beautiful and feels soothing and refreshing. It also includes creating spaces and enhancing utilization of area. Param Shakti Healing if involved at the time of planning stage can blend the interior designing along with Vaastu Principles so that the Vaastu becomes positive.

Some of the key points covered by Param Shakti Healing consultancy services for interior designing:

1. Residential Home Vaastu:

a. Enhancing your main entry from inside as well as outside.

b. The colour and design of tiles.

c. Colour of wall painting or wall papers used in various rooms.

d. False ceiling patterns and ceiling colours.

e. Lighting effects.

f. Correct placement and direction for wardrobes, showcases, mirrors, corner-pieces, dining area, crockery cabinets, bedroom furnishing, Pooja place, visitor room, toilets and office place at home.

g. Colour and pattern of laminates used in furniture.

h. Colour and design for upholstery used for curtains and sofa.

i. Kitchen platform colour, cabinet colours and placement.

J. Niche areas for poster, statues or idols.

k. Right place for swings (zula).

l. Proper place for keeping plants and also type of plants.

m. Geopathic Stress in the Vaastu.

n. Many other points are given in-depth consideration in our Vaastu Consultancy for interior designing depending as your requirement, size and type of your Vaastu.

2. Business Vaastu:
For business premises, we give thorough Vaastu consultancy for your interior designing. In our consultancy we consider the nature of your business, the type of services or products and then give our report on which zones or areas in the premises should be used for which activity. Our report covers the details like the location of sitting and direction for owner, staff, cashier, placement of furniture, product display, kitchen location in restaurants, colours of walls, wash rooms locations, the furniture laminate texture and colours, the chair colour for owner and those for visitors or client. Pantry area, security room, computer servers, inverter or UPS, filing cabinets colours and placement with respect to activities, product display enhancement, sales and marketing office interior designing as per Vaastu and many more aspects are covered in minute detail by Param Shakti Healing. We also cover the Geopathic Stress in the Vaastu.

Param Shakti Healing coordinates with your interior designer and gives appropriate advice and recommendations on different aspects and at each stage of designing.

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