Personal Visit At Your Vaastu By Param Shakti Healing

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A personal Vaastu site visit is the most preferred and beneficial method of doing Vaastu consultancy for the sake of exactness. Param Shakti Healing visits your Vaastu and scientifically analyses the same in detail.

During the personal visit, we do the directional mapping of the Vaastu layout. The structural Vaastu defects like cuts, extensions and other points are noted. The positivity of the main entrance and its directional energy are checked. The furniture placement in all rooms, position of beds, prayer (pooja) place, wardrobes, cooking stove and toilets are taken into account. Wall painting, posters and other such artefacts are also considered in minute details. Likewise, for commercial Vaastu visit, finance, marketing, head of department, worker area, machinery, canteen etc. are studied in detail. Vaastu is also checked for negative energy fields using patented scanner. Different activities done in various parts of the Vaastu are discussed and noted. Vaastu dosha (defects or flaws) related to the problems faced by you are identified and explained along with our Vaastu remedies and solutions.

Param Shakti Healing suggests changes that you could implement by yourself in your home or business premises. Major issues in your Vaastu, that require our Vaastu Healing remedies and solutions are also informed.

We do critical Vaastu remedies and solutions ourselves. It is not left to you to place or fix certain Vaastu remedies or solutions.  We do this work with exactness as per Vaastu energies. After doing these remedies and solutions, Vaastu energy is confirmed by us for neutralization of negative energies.

Param Shakti Healing does Vaastu consultancy site visit for all types of Vaastu like apartments, flats, row houses, bungalows, penthouses and commercial premises like offices, shops, showrooms, banks, hospitals and factories.

Please note that Geopathic Stress lines or fields can shift slightly or new lines open due to strong seismic activity or major changes in the flow of water beds below the earth’s crust. Therefore, we suggest that you get your Vaastu checked from us for Geopathic Stress once a year or after any strong seismic shock. If it is detected during our visit, we suggest that it be immediately neutralized.

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