Underconstruction Vaastu Or Vaastu Consultancy
at Layout Designing Stage

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Param Shakti Healing does Vaastu consultancy for new under construction sites or Vaastu which is at a design layout stage. This consultancy is useful for both, the end user, i.e. the buyer and also to builders and Infrastructure Company, to design and plan a Vaastu compliant property.

In a Vaastu under construction, the layout can be worked out based on Vaastu Shastra. For home the correct location and layout for Living room, kitchen, bedroom placements, pooja, toilet, study room and other areas are covered. Similarly, for a business place, many important areas or sections can be designed as per Vaastu like owners sitting place, admin, finance or product display direction, entrance, reception area to name a few. For large complexes, the different buildings or structure placement, main entry gate, underground water storage, generator location, recreational zone, swimming pool and several other points are covered.

Once a property is purchased in a completed or ready possession stage, it is a complicated and costly matter to do any major internal structural changes. Many times no changes are possible after possession. And if such changes are possible the cost is exorbitant. One our client delayed our advice on changes during construction of his flat. Later, when the flat was fully ready and possession was taken, the client could not place the bed in the master bedroom as per our Vaastu advice. This was because the interior layout was as made by the builder. The client lost the chance of setting things right as per Vaastu at the under-construction stage.

In another example, one client combined two side-by-side flats of two BHK and made one Vaastu. He did this at under construction stage and took our Vaastu consultation at the same time. The client followed our advice. He restructured and relocated their bedrooms, kitchen and other areas of the house as per Vaastu our recommendations. Due to combining of the two flats, the builder had opened the main door in the centre of the enlarged living room. Based on Vaastu principles, this door location was negative. The main door was relocated in a positive zone as per our advice. Geopathic stress was neutralized before flooring work. All these changes finally resulted in a positive Vaastu. The client and his family are now enjoying their stay in a vibrant Vaastu.

When your proposed Vaastu is under construction like a flat or your own property like Bungalow is at a planning stage, then you have a chance of designing the Vaastu as per Vaastu Shastra. This advantage is also for business or commercial spaces. Therefore, if you have purchased a home or office which is still under construction, then it could prove to be a boon for you to do Vaastu Consultancy from us at this stage.

Neutralization of negative radiations like Geopathic Stress can be done before the flooring is completed. Other Vaastu Healing remedies and solutions, which require to be kept below the flooring including main door enhancement can be done at this stage. The layout can be worked out as per Vaastu Shastra with correct location and layout for kitchen, bedroom placements, toilet relocation to Vaastu compliant zone. Vaastu compliant niche display areas for either home or office décor to keep posters, idols can be incorporated at the planning stage.

In fact, having a house or business Vaastu under construction and being able to do the Vaastu work at this stage, is golden chance that you should not miss. Long term issues could be avoided by doing Vaastu work right from the beginning.

Param Shakti Healing coordinates with you and your contractor or architects for this type of Vaastu Consultancy.

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