Vaastu For Plots

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Param Shakti Healing does Vaastu Consultancy for correcting Vaastu problems in an existing plot before start of construction, as well as for selection of land/ plots before purchasing. We give recommendations and Vaastu remedies so that plot becomes positive. It is very important to have good positive piece of land. The reason being anything that is constructed on an improper or negative plot will also have a negative impact. It is well known that in India before any construction is started, a “Bhoomi Poojan” is performed on the land/ plot. However, such a pooja is of little use if the plot is not good as per Vaastu.

A plot which is having cuts or extensions, a plot which is triangular and a plot which was earlier used as a crematory ground are some of the examples of negative plots. The slopes in a plot also have a major impact on the Vaastu. One may observe that people staying in flats or homes built on negative energy plots, face several types of problems.

Param Shakti Healing Vaastu Consultancy for plots gives report to you on suitability of the plot as per Vaastu. Further, we offer remedies that maybe required to be done for removing negative energies and correcting other Vaastu problems. Some plots are such that they don’t get sold even after taking lot of efforts. We do Vaastu related work for such plots and have successfully helped clients to sell the plots.

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