Vibrational Healing

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Param Shakti Healing attempts to heal the root cause of a particular illness or disease through its Vibrational Healing Therapy. Dr. Ajay is a doctorate in Alternate Medicines and also has been a Scientist in the field of Biotechnology and Microbiology, with total experience spanning more than thirty years. Dr. Ajay’s long experience as a scientist has given him both, a knowledge base related to the biopharmaceuticals as well as the scientific bent of mind. He has blended these factors along the research experience in the field of Alternate Medicines and has developed the Vibrational Healing therapy for energy based healing.

Param Shakti Healing gives due consideration to the following factors for Vibrational Healing Therapy:

1. Health is regulated and controlled by subtle energy chakras or “wheels” called as “Pranic Chakras”. The functioning of these chakras has a direct correlation with various bodily organs and systems. Proper in-take, distribution and regulation of Prana Shakti or “Life Force” in the body is of vital importance.

2. The major “doshas”, namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha as per the Ayurvedic Science are responsible for health disturbances.

3. A defective genetic structure of the DNA or malfunctioning of genes can lead to congenital or hereditary health issues respectively.

4. Deeply embedded negative emotions and thoughts may contribute to the manifestation of a disease or illness.

5. Of equal importance are the planetary energies influencing and affecting the health.

6. The negative radiations (Geopathic Stress) in your Vaastu where you sleep, sit or work could be a major contributor to your health issue.

Param Shakti Healing is different from other Alternate Healing systems like Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reiki to name a few.

Before starting the healing therapies we check your chakra status using the patented Aura scanner. Your Ayurvedic Nadi Nidan and other Bioenergy Reports are also generated using our Computerised Pulse Diagnosis System. These tests indicate the possible reasons for disease as well as help in deciding the Vibrational Healing strategy. The strategy in general, involves removal of negative blockages, balancing of different energies and then infusing positive energy to the affected part or tissue or system. When root cause of a disease is targeted for healing, the outcome is long lasting healing effect along with overall wellness. It is to be noted that you need not come in person for the Vibrational Healing Therapy. However, you shall have to come in person for the Chakra tests and Computerised Pulse Diagnosis test.

Several medically difficult cases have been successfully healed or have been given significant relief by the various methods used by Param Shakti Healing. It includes persons suffering from degenerative diseases like Paralysis and Parkinson’s. The healing has also helped for persons suffering from Spondylosis, Skin diseases, various Chronic Ailments, Recurrent Infections, Broncho-Pulmonary problems, Behavioural issues and many more.  Our healing therapy has shown significant positive results in persons with terminal disorder like Muscular Dystrophy. Param Shakti Healing has given relief and healing to several persons of different age and gender for various types of health issues though their Vibrational Healing.

It is not mandatory for you to come in person for the Vibrational Healing Therapy. Healing is effectively rendered by Remote healing or Distance Healing. However, you shall have to follow a particular protocol as per the instructions given.  

For availing our Vibrational Healing or any other healing or related services, it is mandatory to strictly follow and adhere to the treatment, medications or any other instructions as and when given by an authorised medical professional.

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