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Astro-Elements: Remedies for Health

Bharat’s ancient scriptures have clearly stated that the known universe constitutes of five basic “pancha-tatva”.  “Panch” is five and “tatva” is “element”, “principle”, “reality” or “truth”.  Thus the whole known creation is made up of and is governed by five elements – Earth (Prithvi), Water (Apas/ Jal), Fire (Agni/ Tejas), Air (Vayu) and Ether (Akasha). Each element is the manifestation of primal cosmic energy (Shakti).
Sr.No Tatva Symbol
1 Ether Black egg shape
2 Air Blue circle
3 Fire Red triangle
4 Water Silver crescent
5 Earth Yellow square

Our body too is made up of these five elements. However, the four tatva which are primarily responsible for our needs, health and existence are Fire, Air, Water and Earth. These five elements govern our physical, mental, emotional and existential state – all contributing to our overall wellness and happiness. Any imbalance or deficit of any of these four elements in a person causes problems related to that element/ tatva. (The fifth Etheric tatva symbolizes the spirit: Consciousness, Spiritual development and Psyche. This tatva is an abstract one. This tatva does not have direct bearing on our day-to-day needs and physical existence.)

Ajay Ashtekar does calculations using your horoscope to determine the Elemental analysis of a person. On a scale of 100, the four elements (Fire, Air, Earth and Water) make up for 25% each.  Ideally all four elements should be 25% each, for a perfect balance. However, this is not the case. In almost all horoscopes, one finds imbalance of elements. For example: A person has Fire 20, Earth 10, Air 10 and Water 60. Then in this case, the characteristics of  water element will be predominant in this person’s nature and behavior. On the other side lack of Earth element will also be seen as a contrasting nature or behavior.

Based on these Elements a person’s basic trait or nature can be judged. One can also assess which career maybe suitable. In the same way, the Element Analysis also gives an idea of energy deficit related to health. Ajay Ashtekar checks the elements through your horoscope and suggests remedies which may be useful to overcome these issues. The remedies thus try to bring a balance and overall wellness at the physical, mental and emotional levels. The Digital Report shows your Element Balance, your characteristics related to combination of Elements, career suitability along with Aroma Oil + Vaastu Direction remedy to bring about elemental balance. In addition to this Ajay Ashtekar suggests more specific remedies for overall wellness.

Check your Elements for Health, Career and Overall-Wellness with remedies from Ajay Ashtekar! Get a Digital Report!

Important note: Astrology, Aura, Vaastu and Aroma Therapy consultation and/ or remedies suggested/ provided by Param Shakti Healing/ Ajay Ashtekar are not a substitute or alternative for medical diagnosis, treatment and medication. For any health issue you must consult a registered medical practioner (Doctor) immediately.