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Vaastu – Property Energy

Just as living beings emit an Aura – energy field, non-living objects also emit an energy field around it. This energy fields are basically different frequencies. The electromagnetic frequencies from gadgets like TV, Mobile phones, Amplifiers etc. are known to be very bad for health – both physical and mental. However, there is another frequency which is highly negative for humans. This frequency is called as Geopathic Stress.

Geopathic Stress is range of harmful frequencies coming out the earth and which cut across the structures built over it. Persons who stay, sit and sleep over the Geopathic Stress fields are adversely affected. The problems could range from irritation, depression, degenerative diseases like Alzheimer, Parkinson’s, Cancer, various physical illnesses etc. The Geopathic Stress also causes insomnia (unable to sleep), heaviness and dullness even after long hours in bed. It is also known to cause sudden explosive arguments and quarrels.

Ajay Ashtekar measures the negative Geopathic Stress Aura fields in a Vaastu and remedies the same to make the Vaastu positive and soothing. Geopathic Stress is either a point or in form of line. In either case, the Geopathic vibrations spread over the nearby spaces – a negative Aura field is generated which could be as large as couple of metres in radius. This means a Geopathic Stress point, for example, coming in a bedroom will throw a negative Aura field which shall cover the entire room. It is extremely important for all who stay or work in a home or commercial space that it is free from Geopathic Stress.

Ajay Ashtekar is an expert in Geopathic Stress related work. The Advanced Digitalized Aura Scanner measures not only the Geopathic Stress Aura but also gives a photographic digital report on the positive property energy. Using these inputs, Ajay Ashtekar effectively remedies a Vaastu to harmonize the frequencies to make is positive and conducive to stay and work.


Contact Ajay Ashtekar now for getting a Property Energy Report which indicates extent of positivist of your Vaastu!