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Performance in studies is directly related to memory and concentration. Parents take lot of effort to improve their child’s performance in education by providing extra coaching. However, it is seen that only some go ahead in the race and many are left behind. One of the main reasons is the natural temperament of the child. Negative temperaments like lack of concentration, poor memory, unable to express and write properly etc., are many times attributed to poor astrological planetary significations as seen in one’s horoscope.
Ajay Ashtekar uses astrological method to find these reasons and provide remedies for improvement in studies. Strength of a Horoscope for good education is one aspect which is clear once the horoscope is cast. The current and near future periods for education are clear from the Mahadasha and Antardasha. The reasons for possible lack of interest in studies, lack of concentration, ability to express properly in exams, fear of failure – exam phobia and restless thinking are studied and appropriate remedies suggested for improvement.
Many parents have consulted Ajay Ashtekar for improving their child’s performance in studies by looking into the astrological aspects. This has helped in their improved performance in studies and exam. Higher standard students in tenth and twelfth standard have also been benefited. Those appearing for competitive exams like JEE, NEET and CA have consulted Ajay Ashtekar and come out with flying colors.
You have the choice of paving the way for your child’s education by consulting and remedying your child’s astrological issues pertaining to education.
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Are you confused which stream of education your child should select? Is your child confused as to what he or she would like to do as a career? Whether to select commerce or science or something else? Now-a-days, many options are available for making a career; however, selecting the correct stream at right juncture of education is very crucial to decide the future.
Astrology could be of great help to zoom-in on the stream or faculty selection which is most compatible to the traits seen in the horoscope. Ajay Ashtekar uses the science of astrology to narrow down on selection of education stream or career which is compatible with the person’s inherent qualities based on the horoscope.
Parents often insist and convince the child for choosing a particular line or stream of education. And in other cases, students decide his or her path due to “me too” group mentality between friends. However, it is a well-known fact that students and parents realize during 12th and competitive entrance exams that the education stream he/ she has chosen is either not suitable at all or they cannot cope up with the load. Unfortunately, at that point of time there is no U turn and they have to stick to what they decided to follow. Therefore, before making the crucial decision of selecting an educational stream or career path, it would be worth getting an astrological consultation from Ajay Ashtekar.
Based on a person’s horoscope, Ajay Ashtekar can guide and suggest about which particular education stream may be suitable.  Horoscope reading can throw light on student’s strengths, weaknesses and inclinations, so that a proper and gainful career road map can be drawn at the right time. Param Shakti Healing also recommends astrological remedies that would make the student better prepared for exams and pave way to a bright career.
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Education is the foundation stone for a person’s knowledge, career, source of income, good moral conduct and also for being an ideal citizen of our country.
Education today is highly competitive. Marks and Grades say it all. A difference of a single mark could make a huge difference in getting admission to desired faculty or institute. Parents spend a lot of money on special tuitions and coaching. The student also tries hard for success. But does every student perform well? There is no point in realizing that something else should have been done for achieving desired results after a failure. The 10th and 12th Std students stand at the gateway of making final educational stream selection and setting clear career goals. However, is the student and his/ her parents clear as to whether the educational stream/ line selected or opted for, is suitable?

To address these complex and critical issues, Ajay Ashtekar has developed a comprehensive education solution based on Advanced Astrology and Scientific Vaastu. In the comprehensive education solution, the following factors are considered:

  • Students Horoscope: For finding students weakness and strengths pertaining to education and suggesting appropriate remedies for improving performance in studies.
  • Students Horoscope: Finding inherent inclination of student and guiding for particular branch/ faculty/ educational stream by reading the horoscope.
  • Vaastu: Harmonizing the negative Geopathic Stress frequencies at place of study at home.
  • Vaastu: Guidance on which place and direction to sit at home, for enhancing performance in education and exams.
  • Aura: Checking the aura of the student to decide and remedy the Pranic Chakra and wearing gemstones and crystals for better concentration and good results.
  • Aroma Therapy: A specific therapy for reducing restlessness and negativity. At the same time, improve the student’s positivity and confidence.
Ajay Ashtekar gives in-depth thoughts to all these above factors for comprehensive educational solutions based on Astrology and Vaastu. Param Shakti Healing recommends that you opt for this comprehensive remedial package for better education.
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Many students aspire to go abroad for higher education. So also their parents wish that their son or daughter goes for higher education overseas. All know that wishful thinking or desiring is not enough, but one needs to prepare from all angles. But there is one angle which many ignore or forget and that is – what do the planets say? The horoscope of a person can throw light on chances and way for higher education in a foreign land.
Ajay Ashtekar offers expert astrological consultation on higher education overseas. The typical queries asked by most are: Does the horoscope indicate studies away in a distant land? and Period or year when it is going to materialize. There is also another important aspect and that is – will overseas education give gain in career?
All these pertinent questions are looked into by Ajay Ashtekar through horoscope of the student. If required appropriate remedies are suggested for faster and better overseas education.
If you are thinking of going abroad for higher education, consulting Ajay Ashtekar for astrological significations may prove beneficial!