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Your Aura Energy

The bio-electromagnetic field of the body is called as Aura. (See “What is Aura?”  for more details). The Aura is made up subtle energy sheaths of different vibrations that surround one’s body.

The bio energy of sick organs or systems of the body changes the Aura depending on the severity and complexity of the disease. Aura can sometimes be disturbed or depleted or cut or over-energized depending on individual situation and varies from person to person.  An Aura is an indicator of what is happening within you – be it physical, emotional or mental. If a person is physically unwell or is emotionally disturbed or mentally stressed the Aura pattern changes. Aura indicates the state of overall physical wellness, mental stress, emotional suffocation, depression, excited state, anger and so on.

The size of Aura is also very important. A weak aura has a radius of hardly two-three feet from the body. A positive and strong Aura is necessary for an overall happy, successful and healthy life.
The human body has seven main aspects to Aura. “Physical” is gross vibration and “Casual” is subtlest highest vibration.  See the chart below:
Sr. No Dimension Connection Linked to Pranic chakra
1 PHYSICAL Physical health Muladhara (Root)
2 EMOTIONAL Feelings Swadhishthana (Sacral)
3 MENTAL Mind and Ego Manipura (Solar plexus)
4 ASTRAL Give and receive Love Anhata (Heart)
5 ETHERIC Psychic abilities Vishuddha (Throat)
6 CELESTIAL Intuition & will power Ajna (Third Eye)
7 CAUSAL Spirituality – Supra-consciousness Sahasrara (Crown)

Ajay Ashtekar uses the Advanced Digital Aura Scanner (ADAS) to check the various energy levels concerned with your Aura through Pranic Chakra as well as your Aura strength. A weak Aura indicates physical ill health or low energy levels or high stress. The Digital Report generated give details of each of the seven Pranic Chakras, strength and color imaging of Aura related to energy field of Pranic Chakras.

The remedies and solutions suggested by Ajay Ashtekar have been effective in cleaning the Aura and boosting positivity. These remedies and solutions are specific and customized for every individual and the Aura is also unique to every person.

By getting your Aura checked you shall come to know what are the possible deep rooted issues that are developing within you. These issues may not have manifested on your physical or mental plane but are clearly indicated in the Aura test. This could prove to be a boon to remove negative and improve positive vibrations at subtle Aura / energy level. If this is done at right time and over a period of time, health issues may not manifest at all or are minimized to a great degree.

Consult Ajay Ashtekar for your Aura check with digitalized report!