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Aura Matched Gemstone Remedy

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Aura Matched Gemstone Remedy

Ajay Ashtekar recommends gemstones by using Aura test using patented Universal Aura Scanner (UAS). (Your horoscope reading is also done along with it but is optional). Our life is constantly influenced by cosmic energy coming seven celestial bodies – Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus and Saturn. It is also under the strong influence of shadowy planets Rahu and Ketu. Most of the disturbances, health issues and problems in our life are due to the deficit or imbalance of planetary energies in our being. Horoscope shows the roadmap of on-going and future events in life. Horoscope also shows changes in Mahadasha, Anatardasha, start of Shani-Sadesati etc. which affect our lives profoundly.

Ajay Ashtekar uses Advanced Astrology along with Aura checking to decide on the remedies to neutralize the negative effects of a planet. Likewise planetary deficits are also checked by both Horoscope and Aura to suggest remedies to boost the energy which is weak for you.  However, only AURA checking for gemstone remedies is also done as per client requirement. One of the most powerful remedies to nullify or overcome the malefic effects of a planet is wearing correct gemstone for a particular planet.

The Universal Aura Scanner (UAS) uses your saliva* or latest photo to find:

  1. What is your planetary energy deficit? (Which planet gemstones you need to wear)
  2. Which particular gemstone out of the lot suits you best?
    (For example, for deficit of Sun (as shown by UAS), Ruby/ Manik gemstone is required to be worn.  But wearing any Ruby is not of much use. The UAS is used to check several gemstones of Ruby with your Aura. Only that Ruby gemstone which matches with your Aura is selected.)
  3. Which hand you have to wear the gemstone – right or left hand?
  4. Which finger you have to wear the gemstone – Index, Middle, Ring or Little finger?
  5. Which metal is to be used for making the gemstone ring?

Thus all above work involves your Aura and the UAS. Personal interpretation or inference is not the criterion for which gemstone to wear and how.

In this method, having a horoscope is not mandatory as the test involves checking Aura for deciding which remedies are to be worn. Therefore, Aura checking by this method is unique and highly useful for those persons who do not have a horoscope. Additionally, one need not come personally for this check-up. You can get the testing done through your latest photo sent via whatsapp or email. The remedies are then sent by courier. If you wish, Horoscope reading and Advanced Astrological analysis with Digital Remedy Report can also be added to the Aura based test.

Many persons have been benefited over the decade, by wearing the AURA selected compatible gemstones.

(Contact Ajay Ashtekar for Aura compatible gemstone remedy now!)

(* Saliva is an excellent source of genomic DNA, mostly derived from the buccal epithelial cells and white blood cells. The saliva predominantly contains the host DNA i.e. the person’s DNA. DNA from saliva is of high purity. The saliva also contains 150 proteins derived from different parts of the body and it can represent the whole body up to 99%. By keeping the saliva sample in form of cotton swab in the sample box of the patented UAS scanner, the AURA energy of a person can be checked.)