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(Compatibility of horoscopes for marriage)
One of the most crucial events in life is marriage. It could be said that it is a major turning point in the life of both the partners. Before taking the decision to marry a particular person, it is very important to confirm that the match is suitable, long lasting and harmonious. Ajay Ashtekar does the horoscope reading of both prospective partners to evaluate suitability of match.
As you may be aware, typically most of the time only two things are considered – “Guna Milan” or the compatibility score and other is whether one or both of them are “Manglik”. Well, the science of astrology is vast and deep and just seeing these two factors are not sufficient to decide on the marriage compatibility. Ajay Ashtekar goes into various other astrological points in addition to guna milan and manglik dosha before giving any remarks on the compatibility.
The suitability or non-suitability is decided after weighing various pros and cons in both the horoscopes. The individual horoscopes are also studied to find the inherent qualities of one’s nature and tendencies. The future health and career of both partners is also taken in account. All these factors are then compared in detail.
Ajay Ashtekar also suggests astrological remedies and solutions depending on individual case study, to ensure that any dosha are not carried forward after marriage.
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Are you dejected and upset that your marriage is not materializing in time? Even after several attempts marriage does not materialize and goes on getting delayed for one reason or the other? Marriage was fixed but has broken before marriage?
Ajay Ashtekar’s astrological consultation and remedies have resolved the problem of delayed marriage. Unique comprehensive astrology is used to identify the underlying issues. Specific astrological remedies are suggested so that marriage possibility is enhanced and is materialized in near future.
Ajay Ashtekar has to his credit, successful cases, where other astrologers have predicted NO marriage possibility as per horoscope. With unique Astro-Aura remedies by Ajay Ashtekar, delayed marriages have materialized and that too in a short duration. This also been successfully done for clients who had reached 40 years of age and had lost all hope of marriage.
Don’t be disheartened that your marriage is getting delayed. Consult Ajay Ashtekar for expert advice and remedies!


Ajay Ashtekar uses a comprehensive astrological approach to find possibility of separation or divorce based on horoscope. Astrological solutions to remedy the issues if any are suggested.
In today’s world the rate of divorce has gone up due to various reasons. However, the fact remains that the separation is an unpleasant experience for both partners. Divorce issues are both ways – some couples wanting to resolve issue for good continuity of marriage and some wanting a quick divorce.
Ajay Ashtekar’s Astro-Aura consultation may prove useful to understand what the stars have to say regarding divorce.
Find out the astrological implications for divorce by consulting Ajay Ashtekar.


Ajay Ashtekar’s astrological consultation and remedies have been instrumental for clients seeking clarification and solution for re-marriage.
After a divorce goes through or one becomes a widow, the most pressing question in the mind of the divorcee or widower is – Whether I should re-marry or not? Will earlier bad experience repeat in my life? Can I lead a normal married life after re-marriage? Horoscope reading can throw significant light on these questions.
Proper astrological analysis gives insight on whether second marriage would be a good decision or not. Horoscope has different charts and some of these charts combined, give clarity to re-marriage issues. Where re-marriage is a possibility as per horoscope, the time period when it should be attempted may vary depending on Maha-Dasha, Anatar-Dasha and transits of planets.
Ajay Ashtekar’s astrological consultation and remedies have been of utmost value to clients seeking clarification on re-marriage. Some have been nicely settled in a positive second marriage as per their horoscope reading and remedies, while others are happy that they are independent and not got entangled in another mess.
Get your horoscope analysed from Ajay Ashtekar regarding re-marriage.


The planet Mars when placed in certain houses in a horoscope defines whether that person has a Mangla Dosha. A person who has this in his/ her horoscope is called as Manglik. There are other astrological significations which attribute to the mildness or seriousness of this dosha. However, according to the integrated astrology that Ajay Ashtekar uses, Mangal Dosha per se is not a reason to be worried about when it comes to considering marriage proposals. There are certain other astrological implications which either nullify the negative effect or in some cases it can’t be considered as a dosha at all.
It’s an observation that that not all married couple face problems even if one of them is Manglik. But “Mangal Dosha” is used by many astrologers to put fear in clients. Many people don’t understand anything about this dosha but it is a trend that just by hearing the word Manglik, there is rejection. Due to this ignorance and fear that has been spread, some possible nice marriages have not materialized or good match has unfortunately been rejected. Ajay Ashtekar goes into the depth of analysing the Horoscope to understand whether there is any serious implication of this dosha for marriage. Other factors are also considered in the horoscope to arrive at a clear picture. If there is a negative implication then appropriate remedies and good time period are suggested as per Mahadasha and Antardasha.
Manglik Dosha is a query which an individual asks when he or she is rejected in a marriage alliance based on this dosha or this is query raised by parents when a marriage match is under active consideration, to find out whether it is okay for both of them to marry. In either case properly understanding the horoscope of both partners is essential. Remedies, if required to rectify the dosha are also suggested.
Find out whether you have Mangal Dosha and what it means for your future married life. Consult Ajay Ashtekar now!


Some couples face problem of not being able to conceive a baby for many years, even though medically there is no apparent reason. Another problem faced by some women is repeated miscarriages, even though they have been given the best medical attention and treatment. In both the situations the possible reason could be hidden in the horoscopes and personal aura energies.
Ajay Ashtekar does the astrological analysis of the horoscope to find out the possible negative or malefic effect of planets and Nakshatras for these problems. The remedies to neutralize negatives and create positive energy are suggested based on Astrology as well as Aura analysis.
The analysis and remedies have worked for women with no conception and miscarriage. It is on record that a woman in her 40s who had lost all hope of conceiving, successfully conceived after getting Aura and Astrological remedies from Ajay Ashtekar.  The baby born was healthy and so also the mother fine.
It is to be noted that Vaastu Energies also play an important role in the above problems. Ajay Ashtekar does scientific Vaastu and if required integrates Astrology remedies with Vaastu remedies.
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Disturbed Relationship

Marriage is a relation which should be ideally loving and full of warmth. But in some cases this relationship between husband and wife,  turns into a difficult one – full of misunderstanding and impractical expectations, leading to lack of peace and frequent quarrels. Do you wish to resolve these issues and come back to a good understanding? An astrological consultation with Ajay Ashtekar could prove beneficial.
Both horoscopes are studied to find out what their Lagna and Navmasha charts have to say on relationship. The current planetary conditions are also checked. With this background, Ajay Ashtekar does advanced astro-aura checking for arriving at the remedies for a good harmonious relationship. With use of these remedies and following the solutions properly, much required relief is expected.
It is to be noted that the inherent nature of both persons is the crucial factor for relationship and this remains same even after remedies. Both partners’ sincere and consistent effort at building a sound harmonious relationship is a must. Remedies can only aid in smoothening the disturbed vibrations and positively tuning the planetary effects.
A disturbed married relationship is unpleasant for both partners and over a period of time this may become intolerable leading to separation. Avoid this by consulting Ajay Ashtekar at the earliest!


Married life gets completely ruined when either of the partner has an extra-marital affair. The very base of a marriage, i.e. complete trust and faith in each other, gets destroyed. One has a golden chance to look into this aspect before deciding on a marriage match. In this case, when individual horoscope is studied, the person’s nature, tendencies and addictions become clear. If done at this stage it is best, because one can reject the alliance.
Cases of extra marital affairs are not uncommon. Ajay Ashtekar has handled these cases with significant success leading to re-established married relationships. Clients have approached based either on suspicion or on evidence basis, that the other partner has an extra marital affair. Horoscopes throw light on what is currently happening, from what time this maybe going on and what may be the future implications if this continues. Ajay Ashtekar does the horoscope readings followed by Astro-Aura checking to suggest remedies. However, it is to be understood that the partner who is cheating usually does not agree to remedies or follow solutions. Therefore, in addition to astro-aura remedies, hawan and jap is recommended depending on the severity of individual case.
Vaastu plays a very important role in this and Vaastu remedies are also strongly suggested. Ajay Ashtekar uses advanced scientific methods to rectify the frequencies in the Vaastu.
Best results have been seen when all three were combined: Astro-Aura remedies + Hawan + Vaastu remedies. Marriages heading for separation due this problem have been avoided with a positive outcome not only for the married couple but obviously for their families too!
If such an issue is weighing you down, then it would be a good idea to consult Ajay Ashtekar now!