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Career is perhaps the most important aspect of life that one is anxious about. It is the means for your earning. Career is directly related to your finances and satisfaction level. After education, it is career that is in prime focus for approximately next 40 active years of life! It is therefore very important to understand what your horoscope indicates in terms of your career and which remedies need to be done to boost and stabilize one’s career.


Whether I should do a job or start a business – this is the crucial question that is usually faced by many. This question may come at the start of your career or even in the middle of your career. To quit a job and start a business is possible, but with lot of “ifs and buts” about being successful. And if you do business which fails and then want to switch to doing a job, then the chances are narrow of getting a proper job. Therefore, while embarking on your career journey, it is only wise to make sure that the path you have chosen is the right one.
One of the important points revealed by your horoscope is your inherent inclination and temperament for type of work or profession. It also indicates your weaknesses related to certain career. The career stream that is compatible and gainful for you can be seen from your horoscope. A move in the right direction at the outset of your career can go a long way in your life for a stable and progressive career.
Consult Ajay Ashtekar and find out now which career suits you best! Get astrological remedies to make your career positive!


It is indeed a very competitive world and getting a job is no easy task. Even though you may be trying hard and applying through various methods, still a job evades you. This may have nothing to do with your CV or education or experience. But it could be due to the negative aspects of planets and nakshatras in your horoscope. Checking your horoscope may prove to be very useful, not only to find out the road map ahead but for remedies and solutions to accelerate the chances of you getting a job.
In some cases, one loses his or her on-going job suddenly and has to face depression and frustration. Find out why from your horoscope and also find out how best you can come out this situation by doing astrological remedies. Your horoscope shall also indicate how long a bad patch shall remain and when your stars will work benevolently or positively in your life.
Remaining without job for long period can lead to frustration and low self-esteem. Consult Ajay Ashtekar now for getting a job at the earliest!


Once in a while, one faces an important point in career and that is switching job. This requirement for change in job may be due to stagnation in current job or no promotion or poor rise in salary or adverse work environment. Whatever be the case, a change is badly needed. However, try as you would, the required job break doesn’t materialize.
Consulting Ajay Ashtekar may be beneficial in this situation so that astrological reading of your horoscope is done and appropriate guidance and remedies are done for getting a good job break. Ajay Ashtekar has several success stories in this regard with people getting an excellent break in job and have joined renowned organizations with good pay package.
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When one works with dedication and responsibility over years, one rightfully expects recognition by way of a promotion to an elevated position in the organization. Ajay Ashtekar has had several cases where clients have approached for being denied promotion or being delayed indefinitely. The astrological remedies and solutions have helped most of them to get the desired result at an time which according to their horoscope is conducive.
Don’t fret and fume for not getting what you are worth at your work place. Check your horoscope with Ajay Ashtekar and find out which remedies may work for getting your well-deserved promotion!


Looking for a job overseas? Then you must understand that this is clearly indicated in your horoscope. Your horoscope shall also indicate, whether your current period is suitable for getting a job abroad and if not now, then when in the future you should try for a job in a foreign country. Sometimes an overseas job is indicated but horoscope may show that you are likely to face problems after going for that job. An overseas job is no guarantee that you shall settle in that land. Does your horoscope show settlement through job overseas?
Clarify all these issues by consulting Ajay Ashtekar without further delay!


Your horoscope may show that doing a business is beneficial for you rather than job. But are you clear what type of business is best meant for you? Business is typically a risky and capital intensive proposition. One needs to be clear before starting and investing whether the type of business he or she has decided is really okay as per their horoscope.
Ajay Ashtekar has guided clients to zoom-in on the most beneficial type of business based on their horoscopes. This has not only saved their time and money in experimenting but given clear track for start-up and growth in the right direction.
If you have decided to do business, then consult Ajay Ashtekar for narrowing down on the type of businesses that may be suitable for you as per your horoscope.


Starting a business is a relatively easy task as compared to the growing the business. Once a business is started, the most important point is to strive for increasing or growing the business. Every entrepreneur dreams of doing big in business with name, fame and money. But does your horoscope show this trend? If not, then what can be done to boost your business in terms of astrological remedies and solutions?
Sometimes a business that has been doing very good or has been steadily growing suddenly nose dives into stagnation or loss. The person running the business gets totally stumped and fails to understand why his or her business has dropped or stopped or going in loss. The most probable reason could be the astrological significations in the horoscope. For example, that person’s Maha-Dasha may have changed and the new Maha-Dasha that has started, may be very bad for business and finance. Or his /her Shani Sade-Sati may have started. There could be other reasons for the downfall in business as per the horoscope.
If you want your business to grow and if you want to avoid pitfalls in business then consult Ajay Ashtekar now!


Business often requires people from different background and expertise coming together. Sometimes it’s a question of having required capital which warrants two or more people coming together to start business. Whatever may be the reason, Partnership Business is very common.
However, there is an inherent risk in Partnership business. It is all about compatibility between the partners. It is also important that all partners are putting equal efforts. All partners need to agree on a common business strategy and work ethics. These aspects form the core part in success or failure of a Partnership venture.
If you are into a partnership business and want to find out the possible way ahead for yourself then astrology consultation could prove useful. You can plan accordingly your path in coming months and years.
The best time to consult for Partnership business is before forming a partnership business. First find out whether your horoscope is suitable for partnership business. You may also find out compatibility of your proposed partner (if only 2 people are going to be partners). Many cases have been seen by Ajay Ashtekar where partnership businesses have either have failed or one partner has duped others. One of the worst case scenarios is when one partner has taken control over the finances and left the other to repay huge debts leading to litigation on the victim partner.
Ajay Ashtekar has guided many clients on business partnership issues, both before starting and also for running on-going partnership businesses. If you are thinking of starting a business in partnership, it is advisable to check your horoscope for suitability.
Consult Ajay Ashtekar at the earliest and secure your future!


When things are upbeat in business one always thinks of adding newer dimensions to the existing business portfolio. Sometimes this is a success. Business decisions and strategy is one thing and what your stars indicate is another. Before you diversify or expand your business, a peek into your horoscope may prove very beneficial. If things are fine astrologically, then certainly one may go ahead.
However, if horoscope indicates certain negative traits coming up in the near future for you, then a cautionary approach will be wise. It may as well save you from financial disaster and stress.
It is best to take consultation from an expert astrologer like Ajay Ashtekar for understanding whether your stars support diversification or expansion of business.


Given the fact that your horoscope shows strength for doing business, still it is an important question as to “when to start the business?”.
It is not “muhurat” that is to be decided but a positive profitable period in your horoscope that needs to be seen for starting business.
If you have decided to start a business, it is in your best interest to consult an astrologer for finding the best possible period.
Consult Ajay Ashtekar for positive period to start your business!