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What is Aura?

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What is Aura?


Before dawn of nuclear physics the basic understanding was that matter and energy were two different things. With the advent of Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and the fission (splitting) of the atom (for producing atomic energy), it was firmly and irrefutably established that all matter is essentially energy. Everything in the known universe is all about vibrations and frequencies.  Things which are appearing to be solid are actually vibrating and oscillating at different atomic and molecular level. This applies to all living and non-living matter. This therefore, includes human beings. We are a condensed form of energy and this body energy is having vibrations. The human body being energy and with vibrations, brings us to the basic concept of Aura.

Auras are the bio-magnetic energy fields that a living being emits. The Aura is like a luminous body that surrounds the gross physical body. It is called as “Aabhaa” (आभा) in Sanskrit. One of the earliest recorded references to Aura is found in the Hindu Vedic scriptures. Aura is described as a vital force that surrounds all living things. From ancient times the great Maharishis of our country, Bharat, knew of this subtle bio-magnetic energy fields around living objects. They knew that everything is dynamic form of energy which is constantly under flux. Aura was therefore, referred to by Rishis as “sukhma kaanti valay” (सुक्ष्मा कांति वलय) literally translated as “subtle skin waves”. The human body is covered by sheaths or layers of different energies which are subtle in nature and not normally visible to the physical eye sight.

The Aura was recognised in the Ayurvedic System of medicine millenniums ago. This system gives details of the subtle swirling energy centres located in the human spine called as Pranic Chakras. These Pranic Chakras generate the energy fields which a body emits subtly outwards – called as Aura. The seven major Pranic Chakras therefore, correspond to the seven sheaths of energy fields or Auras around the body. Typically, the Prana Shakti (life-force) which is active in a living person is directly responsible for a distinct Aura. A dead person has no Prana Shakti and thus no typical Aura fields.

Each layer of the seven Aura fields is related to different aspects like the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness of a person. These aura energy fields are interlinked with one another and make for the sum total of a person’s overall health and well-being.

In 1939 a lab technician in Russia (Semyon Kirlian) accidentally discovered energy field around his fingers when exposed to the photographic plate working in a high voltage zone. This photograph was the first visible proof that gave clear evidence to the fact that bioenergy fields or “Aura” do exist! He later developed a special camera to capture Aura fields, later known as Kirlian photography. With time, advanced methods were developed to see and capture Aura biofields like GDV (Gas Discharge Visualization) and PIP (Polycontrast Interference Photography).

These devices measure do the colour imaging of the Aura of living and non-living things. However, these photographic equipment but were not able to correlate with the performance and functioning of the basic seven Pranic Chakras in the body which are responsible for the Aura or Bio-Field. Moreover, the Pranic Chakras vibrate at different frequencies and hence have their own individual role in emitting Auras. Towards this end the Advanced Digital Aura Scanner (ADAS) was developed which is used by Ajay Ashtekar. This ADAS measures the various energy levels concerned with Pranic Chakra. It computes an image of the Aura of the person based on Pranic Chakra strength. (It is not photographic Aura imaging like GDV or PIP). However, it gives a direct measure of the strength of Aura of a person. A weak Aura indicates physical ill health or low energy levels or high stress. The Digital Report generated gives details of each of the seven Pranic Chakras, strength and color imaging of Aura related to energy field of Pranic Chakras.