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Aura Imaging - Pranic Chakras

The ageless Vedas of Bharat clearly explain the science of the human body with its various aspects like physical, mental and emotional. This is fully explained in the Yajur-Veda. The Ayurvedic Science of medicine, health and healing is derived from “Yajur-Veda”.  Ajay Ashtekar uses advanced modern scientific device like the Advanced Digital Scanner to find out the energy status of seven main Pranic Chakras the body.

Our health is primarily governed by seven main subtle energy dynamos (centres) called as Pranic Chakras, located in the central energy channel within the spinal column called as the “Sushmna nadi”. The Pranic Chakras may be compared as receivers and distributors of “Prana Shakti” (Life Force) which sustains life. Each energy centre or Pranic Chakra governs and controls certain organs, bio-system and glands in our body. The chakras work at three fold level: Physical, Emotional and the Psyche. For overall wellness, all the seven Chakras have to work optimally and in harmony with the remaining Chakras. The energy status of your Pranic Chakra as analysed by Advanced Digital Aura Scanner give valuable information related to your current physical, emotional and mental health. This information helps us in deciding healing methods for you.

Pranic Chakra Chart

01 Muladhara Root Base of spine Structural base for the body, learning capability, external sex organs, legs, feet, bone structure and joints, Adrenal Gland.
02 Swadhisthana Sacral Opposite the sex organs Ovaries, testicles, Uterus, genitals, kidney, bladder, fluids of the body including blood, Gonads.
03 Manipura Solar Plexus Opposite the navel Digestive system, stomach, gall bladder, intestine, liver, Pancreas.
04 Anahata Heart Near the heart Heart, lungs, lymph and immune system, blood pressure, blood circulation, Thymus.
05 Vishuddha Throat Back of neck Throat, neck, para-thyroid, ears, sinuses, respiratory system, Thyroid Gland.
06 Ajna Third Eye Between eye brows Endocrine system, nervous system, hypothalamus, eyes, Pituitary gland.
07 Sahasrara Third Eye Top centre of head Metabolism, genes, DNA, RNA, central nervous system, head, brain, upper part of spine, Pineal gland.

Ajay Ashtekar performs simple and accurate check using Advanced Digital Scanner to find out the current status of the Pranic Chakras. A detailed digitalized report is generated giving the performance of the Pranic Chakras. It also gives a diagram indicating the Aura strength. An Aura image is also generated depending on the strength of the Pranic Chakras.

Give PDF link here for: Pranic Chakra Sample Report

Aura based Pranic Chakra report is useful in addressing the current or on-going health issue. The important point to be noted is that, this report can be a clear pointer to upcoming health issue. A disease or high stress is first detected as disturbance in Pranic Chakra Aura report “before” the disease actually manifests in the body. This early warning by checking Pranic Chakras could be a great boon as remedies and solutions taken at this early stage could possibly avoid the upcoming health issue or minimize it to a large extent. Remember, prevention is always better than cure!

Ajay Ashtekar suggests appropriate remedies to balance and improve the performance of Pranic Chakras as indicated in the Digitalized Report. Natural crystals and Aroma Oil Therapy are combined for this purpose. Advanced Frequency Based Pranic Chakra Healing is also rendered depending on severity of the case. (See “Pranic Chakra – Frequency Healing in this website for more details).  

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(Full report is of 18 pages)

Important note: Astrology, Aura, Vaastu and Aroma Therapy consultation and/ or remedies suggested/ provided by Param Shakti Healing/ Ajay Ashtekar are not a substitute or alternative for medical diagnosis, treatment and medication. For any health issue you must consult a registered medical practioner (Doctor) immediately.